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Aggresor Vacuums Condo Pro Power Unit
Please Note: The Aggresor A3 has been replaced in our stocking inventory with the Honeywell 4B-H503 power unit. Both models are made by Electrolux, however the H503 Honeywell unit uses a stronger & more durable 2-stage bypass motor system from Ametek-Lamb instead of the 1-stage thru-flow from Cinderson Suzhou Jiangsu. 

The Aggresor A3 is ideal for condos, apartments or small homes where installation space and cleaning need is limited. The Aggresor A3 is manufactured to the highest quality standards along with all models of Aggresor. Manufactured by Electrolux, a leader in central vacuums with a century of manufacturing experience. The Aggresor A3 utilizes a quality double-layer self-cleaning permanent filter system that captures dust mites, pollen, and other small particles. The first layer is made of nylon and prevents dust from sticking. The second layer is made of Fibrotex, chosen for its superior filtration qualities that filter particles as small as 0.1 micron. The air exhausted by Aggresor power units is cleaner than the normal air in your home, making Aggresor vacuums a healthy choice for your family and your home. The Aggresor A3 has the ability to use a large capacity disposable self-sealing filter bag when fitted with the optional bag adapter.

Powered by a 500 Air Watt MAX 5.7" diameter one stage thru-flow motor using 13.4 amps to produce 110 CFM of air flow and 120 inches of waterlift. A muffler is included that reduces the output sound level. The A3 offers a 2.7 gallon capacity collection bin, is 12 " in diameter and just 23" in height.

    • 1 Stage 13.4 Amp 120V Motor
      • 110 Cubic Feet / Minute Airflow
      • 120 Inches / Water Lift Suction
      • 500 Max Air Watts
    • Electrolux Control System
    • 2.7 Gal. Dirt Capacity
    • Self Cleaning Permanent Filter
    • Unit is Ventable
    • Exhaust Muffler Included
    • Bi-directional Intake (left or right)
  • Steel Construction Power Body
  • Duralite™ plastic dirt collection bin
  • Collection Bin Window
  • Gloss Black Powder Coat Finish
  • 22lbs Total Weight
  • 23" High, 12" Diameter

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