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Eco Pro Aluminum Telescopic Wand Button-Friction
Lightweight and universal fitting the Aluminum Telescopic Wand fits standard button lock hoses and wands as well as some friction fit hoses. The tool end of the aluminum wand fits standard 1.25" friction fit tools including floor tools, dust brushes, turbo nozzles and most other non-electric vacuum tools.

Made from lightweight aluminum with a smooth back color finish the extendable is great for use with floor tools and excellent for overhead cleaning. The wand can be collapsed to 24" in length or extended to 38" in length using the thumb operated ratchet slide in one inch increments. The internal wand rachet mechanism a provides a smooth glide extension with positive locking. Easy to operate and strong enough to use with high resistance tools like Turbo carpet nozzles.

The Telescopic Wands top connection features a button lock with molded in button guide. An thumb-saver easy release tab is part of the wand top and makes disconnecting the wand from a hose or other button lock wand simple, even for those with lower hand strength. The Aluminum Telescopic wand will lock with standard 1.25" button lock hose ends and other button locking wands. This wand does not fit the proprietary Vacuflo Turbo-Grip hose. The upper wand uses a unique combo connection system that also allows this button locking wand to fit some friction fit (no button lock) hoses and wands.

The tool end of the wand is a standard 1.25" friction fit connection for use with all friction fit tools and most older 1.25" button lock tools as well. A great wand for all surface cleaning and much appreciated when cleaning overhead for it's low weight. The strength of a metal extension wand for less weight than most plastic wands.

Sold 1 wand each. Button lock top, friction fit bottom. Aluminum body black color.  

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