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Cen-Tec Systems CVS Dry Only Interceptor 3G Poly
This Poly dry only interceptor is made from a durable materials and features a 3 gallon capacity. The dry interceptor uses a disposable internal bag to separate vacuumed debris from the airflow so all vacuumed items are collected at the interceptor before going through your vacuum system. The dry only 3 gallon poly interceptor is an excellent collection system for special projects and applications where items are to be collected before traveling into your vacuums main collection bin. Features a stable 4 wheel trolley for transport and includes hose end connectors that are compatible with 32mm (1.25") standard vacuum hoses and tools. Includes 3 disposable bags with unit, hose optional. Tools not included.

Optional 24+6 Hose Set
The optional Interceptor 24+6 hose set includes 24ft cleaning hose with CVS banded cuff and swivel hose handle featuring standard 1.25" friction fit tool connector and airflow regulation. Also includes cleaning hose connector for attaching 24ft hose to the interceptor, and 6ft inlet connector hose to connect interceptor to the wall inlet and activating your vacuum system. 24ft cleaning hose can be used with or without the interceptor in a standard central vacuum inlet.

For use with central vacuum systems only. Hose optional, tools not included.  

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